Consider the last time you visited with your dentist. You are not alone. While seventy seven percent of adults say that they intend to see the dentist over the next year, less than half actually do. Some studies also suggest that there might be a connection between gum disease and conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

If you are experiencing any of the signed mentioned below, it is a great idea to make an appointment straight away. For lots of these issues, the longer you wait, the worse and more expensive they may become. Your dentist can help identify problems and treat them until they become more sophisticated. And, if you are concerned about the price, Charleston Orthodontics can allow you to cover everything from preventative dental care to cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

  • Swelling or itching- From a toothache to sensitive teeth, swelling or pain in your mouth, face or neck may be an indicator of a serious underlying problem. Seeing your dentist immediately can help accelerate identification and keep your mouth healthy and pain-free. This may be a symptom of gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums around the teeth. It may progress to periodontitis, which may cause reduction of the tissue and bone which support your teeth.
  • Trouble eating- It isn’t normal to have difficulty chewing or swallowing. Not only does this prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods, but it can be an indicator of something more serious.
  • Dry mouth- As soon as your mouth does not produce enough saliva, it may result in tooth decay. Your dentist can recommend strategies to restore moisture to your mouth to help keep your teeth and gums healthy f 95 zone.
  • Tobacco use- If you smoke or chew tobacco, you could experience anything from bad breath to oral cancer. Speak with your dentist or physician and think of a plan to stop chewing or smoking gum and help safeguard your body and mouth from further harm.
  • Jaw pain- Hearing pops or feeling pain when opening or closing your mouth, chewing or when you first wake up an indication that something maybe wrong with your jaw. You might also need to see your dentist for an irregular bite, which may affect how you chew
  • Sores or stains- While they vary in severity and cause, it is important to see your dentist if you have any mouth sore which lasts for a week or more. Mouth sores could be a symptom of illness fzone95, infection or irritation.
  • You Require a checkup- Even when you don’t have symptoms, regular checkups are important to help prevent, identify and treat problems before they become more sophisticated.

Ignoring dental issues allows them time to disperse and become more severe. Proper care of your teeth and gums will keep them healthier your Invisalign Charleston SC 95zone. Think about scheduling a consultation with your dentist today. Recent medical studies have linked several significant diseases to gum disease. Dental disease is suspected of contributing to heart disease, pancreatic cancer and stroke.


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